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Greg welcomes back Weed’s stars Andy Mildner, Kevin Nealon and his wife actress Susan Yeagle. Kevin explains how he tore his bicep balling it up with Gary Shandling, the group laughs at Pink falling from her harness, and Greg psycho analyzes Susan searching for body image issues. They discuss why Asian’s love to be in porn, Greg talks to Andy about his career as a VO actor, Kevin and Susan reminisce about their courtship, and Kevin Nealon shares the best story you’ll ever hear about suppositories.

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Greg with Kevin Nealon, Susan Yeagley, and Andy Milder

Greg with Kevin Nealon, Susan Yeagley, and Andy Milder

Kevin Nealon, Susan Yeagley, and Andy Milder

Kevin Nealon, Susan Yeagley, and Andy Milder

Greg with Kevin Nealon, Susan Yeagley, and Andy Milder

Greg with Kevin Nealon, Susan Yeagley, and Andy Milder

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  • Tom F.

    Kevin Nealon is a funny, kind, and generous man. I got stuck at Fitzdog calling him “Dummy”. Why do that? Mean, not funny.

    What I did like, and have been trying to put my finger on, is Fitzdog’s interview technique where he puts TWO premises forward, which is a tough one for the subject to backtrack on. i.e. to Mrs. Kevin Nealon, “do you find that being an attractive woman has held you back in comedy?”

    Awesome. She was speechless, not knowing whether to address the “attractive” thing, or the implication that somehow she is “held back.” Greg knows EXACTLY what he is doing on those questions, and I love it~!

  • Neil

    Even though I don’t care for the show weeds, that was a great podcast Greg. all of you are hilarious together, I wish I still had Satellite radio in my car so I could listen to your radio show.

  • just the tip

    Funniest “sexual baseball” yet!
    half a man: Ted danson and Alan Thicke.

  • Lono

    I wanted to tell you why your show is great, and how I found you. I found you through Adam Carolla’s podcast. I used to listen militantly to his show… every day. However, after about a year I found the rants to be repetitive and his guests mostly lackluster.

    also, he spends the first 45 minutes of his show complaining about the exact same things. You bring your guests in straight off the bat, and that is refreshing. Now, I never miss the Fitz show. Also, it’s best you only publish twice a week, so I have time to catch up This American Life.

    So, just wanted to say thanks for all you do!

    Denver, CO

  • NatePete

    Half a man – Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler.

    I dig this show a lot and much like Lono, I used to, and still do, listen Adam Carolla, but you Mr. Fitzsimmons, have taken the top spot.

    I would also agree with Tom F., you seemed a little mean to your guests on this podcast. Maybe you all are tight and its more like banter among friends but it comes off awkward for the listener, like when someone hits their kid in front of you.

    Regardless, keep up the good work!

  • Kurt N.

    I think Nealon was milking it, waiting for his pitch. And Ump, what was with putting on the specs to announce a full count?

  • scratchies

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