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Greg welcomes Margaret Cho to the podcast where Greg sifts through Margaret’s life as a swinger, and listen to a clip of her explaining what a ‘spit roast’ is from the SiriusXM show done right before this podcast. They discuss why Koreans are superior to all other Asians, and Margaret explains how there are more opportunities for Asian women in porn than in Hollywood. Greg scolds intern Brian but offers him a muffin basket to brighten his spirits, Margaret talks about being intimated before and during his first golden shower, and they take your questions, and overheards.

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Fitz and Cho
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  • Abysmus

    That was really interesting. You asked Cho some great questions that illustrated to me how damaged she is. I actually feel a little sorry for her. It seems like she is running from something instead of to it. Not really sure why she’s doing it or what her goals are. Determined to feel something but not sure how to to do it. Married to a guy who sleeps with lots of other women and doesn’t make any money of his own. There was a time I thought she had the answers to being a minority in this country. Now it seems to me that she is a victim of it.

    Great job, Greg.

  • Tom F.

    Margaret Cho. Haven’t heard such a compelling guest since Joe Rogan. And I will leave it at that.

    Fitzdog, get the pre-order push on for your book! Competition is tough this November, Adam Carolla’s book is already in the Amazon Top 10.

  • VonRiesling

    Great show. Margaret’s laugh is so soft and sweet.

  • austinnate

    Another good show! tripping out on the first photo….. she is bent over but you have your hips turned…. that must be for your wife…. otherwise it might of just slipped in….LOL

    I will be ordering a copy of your book but I haven’t heard you say much about it in Audiobook format?!?
    Will this be available for pre-order at the same time as the hard copy?

  • austinnate

    sorry to double post but…..
    Come to Austin!!!!

  • Zymoticone


    Last few podcast seem like you are mailing it in … Thoughts???

  • enoughwiththegunshot

    Fucking Hell that gunshot sound gets me every fucking time….its gonna give me a fucking heart attack sooner or later, with the earbuds on it literally makes me jump

  • SamEyeAm

    Couldn’t wait to hear this one! Margaret Cho is such an open book and I love it. Every insight into her world gave me the I rush I got when I was a kid and would sneek into my stepfather’s porn stash.

    How’s this for a Half-a-man. Russell Crowe and Gerard Butler

  • SamEyeAm

    BTW, where’s the sexual golf?

  • admin

    What gunshot noise? Part of the transition into/out of the clip from the SiriusXM show?

    Coming soon Sam.


  • Sporin

    Interesting podcast, makes me want to hear more from Margaret Cho for sure.

    This show reminded me that the 1st podcast I heard from you was the one with my dreamweaver Belladonna. You need to interview more adult film stars, no one does it better then you.

    Thanks for the podcast, looking forward to your book!


  • IQ

    The best podcast going, keep it up Fitz, laughing so hard at work people asking whats going on.

  • newfiedog

    I must say…first few times i heard you interview anyone it was not an easy experience… seemed little and angry….but after i got over that slight hiccup i realized you do an awesome job…..i love the podcast. IF you and cho did a regular podcast that would be amazing.

    Keep up the good work!!!

  • Kyle

    You two together always crack me up. You get better every episode.

  • sander

    A mansion in the valley? What’s she smokin’? She lives in a medium sized home about 3000 sq. ft. in Glendale.

  • Shorty

    Seriously, this was really sad and sickening to listen to….I think Cho is a hilarious comedian, but she is such a damaged self-destructive individual, and Greg (and others) only encourage her delusional self-empowered bs when they focus on her sexuality. Greg hinted at it a little, but mostly seemed to enjoy her tales of degredation–and guess what Greg, it IS about degredation when someone wants to piss on your head–but nice try with the therapist that told you it’s just a matter of choice whether we are degraded or not. So as long as you don’t mind it, it’s not degrading for me to shove dogshit down your throat and make you beg for it? yeah
    btw LOVE your show Greg and the last episode with Nealon was fantastic. HA

  • geoffersen

    I really enjoy your podcast; I’ve listened to every one. This one was one of the best. With that out of the way…you demonstrated some signs of your fascination with Asian women; you told her that she is beautiful and will always be beautiful, and you complimented her in other similar ways.

    I write this as a guy who has dated several Asian (mostly Chinese-American) women, so I get it. I just found it interesting to listen to.

    Anyway, keep up the great work and enjoy Hawaii.

  • mike

    ive been going to the wrong damn parties.

  • SamEyeAm

    *pees on the blog*

  • morie

    Your interviews with Margaret Cho are always so damn compelling! Obviously, Cho’s been sexually abused, yet I’m endlessly fascinated by how she has managed to harness that destructive energy, and turn it into something “positive” (for HER, at least). I love Margaret, and wish her nothing but the best. Just like many of us- she’s flawed, but she knows it, and doesn’t let that stop her from enjoying life.

  • DM

    Greg – your podcasts are always compelling and funny and revealing – your honesty and ability to get down to revealing questions about your guests is fantastic – you are a very quick wit – I enjoy your fucking podcasts in other words! But the Margaret Cho interview I had to delete after about 10 minutes. What a self absorbed cunt she is – I don’t give a fuck how she likes to get fucked and suck at the same time – she attempts to be shocking but is just a fucking unfunny bore! NEVER thought she was very funny – is this what she has to resort to for attention -play the role of Korean ass whore? Don’t waste your time – on to the next interview of someone who is really interesting.. please!

  • enraged feminist

    According to her publicist ( she was honored by the National Organization for Women (NOW). For What? Not getting sh*t on when she’s getting pissed on?

    Ya know? Just give it up NOW. You are TOTALLY irrelevant.

  • et86

    Could Cho at least pretend to be present in the interview, regardless of whether she’d being paid or not? Publicity has a price, sweetheart.

    The “I’d rather be somewhere else getting f*cked by two strangers” attitude came across loud and clear.

    “Um” “Ah” “I’m not sure” “Well “I don’t know” – barf – “Pee on my head, Greg, my hubby doesn’t love me”

  • alex from philly

    Margaret reminds me of that girl in high school who’s the first to engage in sexual acts and won’t shut up about it.

    I’d find her more interesting if she was pretty.

    Greg does a better show when he has no guests.

  • Tim(your guest from Governors)

    Age has not been kind to Margaret. That is unusual being that asians age well. It’s probably all the drugs. And although it is interesting to hear about some of her escapades, she’s kind of a one trick pony and I wonder, are you trying to pull a Howard-Joan Rivers thing with Margaret? I guess she’s sexier than Joan but not by much.

    And now that you are on vacation again for the 9th time this year can we expect a 27 minute podcast for two weeks like you did in New York???

    You haven’t finished your book YET and you know something, I bet Howard wrote a well thought out complimentary forward to your book THE NIGHT YOU ASKED HIM TOO.
    Buttttt months later, check that,a year after they(the book people) paid you, you’re on vacation again…..and we wonder why we’re still in the middle.

    Yeah I don’t think New York is a good choice for you to come back too, you can’t hack(no pun intended) it here anymore as you’ve adapted very well to the laid back Cali ‘tude.

    Maybe that’s why Howard ripped you over the forward because he would like to think he could depend on you to fill a certain “chair” but perhaps sees you as a slacker hence why you don’t even have the four hour slot Sunday Nights instead his HACK distant cousin Shuli occupies and ruins people’s weekends with his shitty unfunny abortion he calls a Miserable Men show.

    The sad part is you know I’m right. You’re as talented if not more than anybody out there. You’re the only comedian I’ve gone to see in the last five years(although I was going to go see KEvin Meaney last week ) and I can honestly say you were better than I expected because like in wrestling when you have a good performer, you don’t have an “act” so to speak writtten out on paper or we don’t go vtthru all of our dance steps before the match. You go out and “call it out there” and guys you ,might be familiar with Ric Flair,Shawn Michaels,Chris Jericho are all good at that, which is what you did at Governors!! You participated with that DEAD INSIDE crowd and bellieve me they were fucking downright downtrodden!!(thank God I dont live in LEvittown) and that was AMAZING!! You brought them to life!! and left me stomping the floor almost falling off my chair laughing! and as a new Dad being the only one working under lots of ;pressure I needed that and NOBODY has ever made me laugh like you do!!!

    So from the bottom of my angry,timid, irish/german heart GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS ANDREALIZE THE OPPORTUNITIES RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU AND GRAB THEM!!!!!

  • David

    I was disappointed about you homeless comment. You are no better than your neighbor you did nothing to really help the guy. Asking if he was ok is like asking somebody with broken legs if he still has a cold. The guy needed mental health help something you could afford yet never offered. Also is it Reagan’s fault or have all us liberals dropped the ball (including the Clintons). Guess it does not matter because now you can sleep at night knowing that you helped solve the problem.

  • Athena

    Her voice changed so many times during the interview (very Cibil). I find her fake and broken.

  • Great interview as always….shitty ass pics though. Your interns should be beaten for that crappy red eye touch up.

    You need to start rocking some HD up in that bitch Greg. How are you going to make a retrospective coffee table book later on in life if all your pics are that shitty?

    Hurry up and get off the damn beach already – we are fiending for a new Fitz fix you selfish rat bastard.

  • Tim(ur special guest

    Greg! What thefuck! REalllllllllllllly? two week vacation not ONE FUCKING PODCAST!! Okay We'll tak a 27 minute one I take back what I said last comment geez!! You lazy fucking Mick!!!

  • Greg Fitzsimmons

    Wanted to respond to some of the messages on the board:

    To all of the pp who praised it I thank you very much. It means a lot to me.

    Austinnate: Would love to come to Austin! Working on it. Book will be available for pre-order next week on Amazon if not already. Audiobook version for sure.

    Zymoticone: I am not mailing it in.

    enoughwiththegunsch: I will tell Cioffi to lower the sound at the beginning

    sameyeam: have to tweak sexual golf. should be up this week

    Tim: Thanks?? I will try harder

    David: You are overestimating my financial situation. I simply cannot pick up the medical expenses of every homeless person I see. I live in Venice Beach. I donate money and do benefit shows and am also involved in a fight against a group in Venice trying to run off people living in their cars in the streets of Venice.
    Most importantly I try to treat homeless people like actual human beings when I see them.
    If you believe Clinton or any political body will cure this epidemic you are delusional.

    comedyfiend: you’re right. Need a better camera asap. I will be back to 2 pcasts a week now that I have rested.

  • Mr.Loser

    Fuck a horse. I need a new podcast cock damnit.

  • mike

    (Overheard)- the mgm grand arena men’s room this past weekend, at the ultimate b-boy championships- two guys talking to eachother in seperate stalls-
    1st guy- “so you wanna hang out with some girls tonight?”
    2nd guy- “…yeah, i guess”

  • Tim(ur special guest from Governors in Levvittown by way of Staten Island))


    I just want you to do better!!! I want that fucking seat filled!! HOw much more do you expect us to listen to those two OLD ladies Fred and Robin cackle along!!
    Tell HOward, you arrrrre ready to come in Mariano RIvera style!!! and close out the contract with a bang!!!! cmon Mannnnnn!!!!!!

  • Tim(ur special guest

    Okayyyyyy 12:26pm in the east NO PODCAST yet, way to go!!!

  • bdizzle

    Margaret Ho

  • Tom F.

    Bob Saget i/v was great. A great guest with fun stories, keeps it light with occasional dark detours.

    Loved the story about Don Rickles' voicemail to Saget, after watching "It Ain't Right", Saget's HBO special a few years back: "Bob, saw the show and it was very funny. You left out two F*cks!"

  • Greg!

    Great show, as usual.

    Please read your book for audible. Cuz god knows I don't read either, but I'm sure as shit subscribed to audible.


  • Jermajesty

    At 3:45 you blast my fucking eardrums with that loud shit. I almost jumped out of my seat; you scared me shitless. I am now out of shit because of you. But I will make more.