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Greg has Bob Saget in for this podcast from the Venice studio.

Bob talks about the song “My Dog Licked My Balls” which Greg plays during the podcast, after which Greg asks Bob about being an offensive man.

Greg attempts to take a turn to the serious in the podcast when he wants to get real with Bob Saget, talking about his career, the money he made, and playing a quick game where both Greg and Bob attempt to be honest and not deflect. They also talk about who they consider comedy legends.

They wrap up the show with Liar’s Poker … is it a ploy to get Bob to say “Full House”? You’ll have to listen to find out.

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  • Cosmo

    Best. Guest. EVER.

    Saget giving Fitz a taste of his own annoying f*cking medicine is simply GOLD!

    Loved this one!

  • slutty AC GREEN

    Is it me or does it seem like Bob Saget is overcompensating for his time on Full House by being ‘offensive and edgy’. Bob Saget is the equivalent of a white guy thinking he’s black because he listens to rap music.

  • sCUM

    Saget was obnoxiously unfunny. This was unlistenable. Can’t believe I made it 22 minutes in before turning it off.

  • FmrNyr

    Yes I agree. Bob was annoyingly unfunny. He was better on full house than he is now. How he ever got a gig in Las Vegas is beyond me.

  • Tom F.

    Saget’s standup act has ALWAYS been filthy, from his time on “Make Me Laugh” in the late ’70s. Saw him headline the Comedy & Magic Club in the early ’80s, and he was hysterical with his friendly smirk juxtaposed with his jokes about dead hookers in the trunk.

    He is worth tens of millions, yet went back to standup and his “That Ain’t Right” from a few years back had not one joke I had seen him do in the past.

    The real question for me, is what keeps him going in the meat-grinder of showbusiness. Great guest, Fitzdog! Stay out of slippery situations, and remember your purpose!

  • the best podcast ever…..take that Adam

  • Fred

    This guy just tries way too hard.

  • Leonardo

    This is the first time I’ve liked Saget in a long time. Him busting Greg’s balls was some of the funniest stuff I’ve heard from this podcast.

  • Mike

    Your podcasts are usually pretty good, but this one was unbearable to listen to. Bob Saget sucked as guest on your podcast.

  • Rob

    I agree with TheMightyLama…best podcast ever!!! Please have Saget on again soon.

  • Phil

    Gosh, I’d sure like to think Bob Saget is funny, but I don’t.
    Greg, on the other hand, is always clever. Saget? Nah.

  • Cho then Saget. Nice 1-2. I forgive you the little vacation now…obviously it din’t blunt your edge.

    I second the Austin request. I’ll help peddle CDs and can suggest kick ass restaurants.

  • deebo

    Saget was annoying. Couldn’t finish listening to the podcast.

  • I can do this all day

    Saget is annoying and not funny. Serving the same joke over and over each time with a different seasonning is lame. I think the Full House character is closer to the real Bob Saget than Saget would like.

  • dellbx

    By far the worst podcast Fitzsimmons ever released to the public. Sorry Greg, I think the world of you but this one SUCKED!

  • gloworm

    No lie, I nearly caused a collision as I fumbled with the ipod so I could get this douchebag’s voice out of my head. I never knew that being obnoxious and unfunny could be so dangerous. “The more you know…”

    Fitzsimmons, I love your show, but please DON’T EVER inflict Saget on us again.

  • Saget Sucks

    Bob Faggot is not funny…EVER, please stop booking him.

  • Cari Fox

    Yeah…not impressed with Saget. I never liked him on that crap sitcom, or when he hosted the AFV. His stand up is over the top crap too. I thought maybe in a low key podcast setting he could give me something. I found him rude and unfunny. Not a gracious guest at all, but more importantly not funny.

    I wanted to turn it off, but out of respect for you and the show and the hard work you all do, I listened to the entire thing and Saget was a dick right to the bitter end.

  • Love Greg's podcasts and have DL'ed them all. This the first one that I had to delete. Fucking Saget is just annoying. This podcast was almost as bad as Chris Hardwick's nerdist podcast, not quite but, almost.

  • Kurt N.

    Great podcast. Bob is a funny mo-fo. Someone needs to make a video for YouTube showing clips of Bob during his time on Full House, along with his stand up routine and Aristocrats appearance.

  • Joe

    Saget was great, and the podcast was great as always. I don't get what everyone is bitching about.