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Greg does a podcast from the Atlanta Punchline.

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  • Tom F.

    Fitzdog bigfoots the middle act and the emcee (and backpeddles like Obama on the 9/11 mosque, when Fitz finds out the emcee is the club owner). Anyway, hope the standup went well, Greg is really funny but he didn’t talk much about the shows.

    Some politics talk, but the nice thing about podcasts is you can FF past it.

  • Andy King

    Its not the Federal governments place to decide what gets put at the WTC site. Its should be up to the people of NYC to decide what gets put there. There is already over 100 mosques in the City.They don’t need one there. BTW, try this, ask the people who want to put a mosque at the WTC site if its cool if the Christians can throw up a “Church of Jesus Christ” next door to Mecca and see what they say. I will give you 3 guesses on their answer and the 1st 2 don’t count.

  • Berny

    Pope John Paul II once asked the Carmelite nuns to leave the convent they had established at Auschwitz. He did so out of respect for what that site represented to Jews around the world. It was an act of ecumenical good faith.

    If the Imam truly wants to assist the cause of interfaith understanding, he’ll build Cordoba House somewhere else.

  • Pat Mizak


    I have to admit I have a love/hate relationship with your podcast. I’m not the biggest fan of the self-loathing and the “all artists must be tortured souls” thing — but some sometimes you’re pretty damn funny.

    I know that you’re right that I don’t have to listen to you went you go on your political rants — but I just want you to be informed when you rant. Just a couple of clarifications…

    1) The major opposition to the mosque isn’t that “Obama/the gov’t should stop them.” Most people who are opposed to the mosque aren’t asking for legal redress, but simply believe that it isn’t appropriate to have it there.

    2) You mentioned the low crime rates of immigrants, you are correct. However, you must examine the crime rates of illegal immigrants. And I’m not gonna gotcha you and say, “It’s 100% dipshit — their breaking the law to begin with.” But a lot of the issues have to deal with MS 13 and other elements of gangs/organized crime and drug trafficing.

    3) There has been preliminary discussion about changing the 14th amendment — regarding birth citizenship. I personally am not too keen on that, but there needs to be a discussion of the predominance (or lack thereof) of anchor babies.

    Poo-pooing those you disagree with weakens your case. It would behoove you to better understand their positions, and refute them intellectually.

    Don’t sound like Garafalo, Oliver Stone, and Sheryl Crow. You can be an enlightened liberal :).

    Feel free to ask me to explain to you the conservative position on any issue — you’re right not to trust Fox News to explain it to you.

  • Kelsey

    Muslims have the right to build there, they are not responsible for the actions of some extremist wackos who don’t represent their religion.
    But New Yorkers have the right to feel hurt and outraged about the building of a Mosque near ground zero. Thousands of people died, and most of them lived and worked there, in NY, and their families still reside there–I can only imagine how painful it would be to feel as though a constant reminder is being thrown in their face (a Mosque being built in the area when a memorial to the victims has yet to be built adds insult to injury).
    That being said, President Obama was absolutely correct in standing up for the constitutional rights and religious freedoms of Muslims. As president, he doesn’t get to make emotion-based decisions. He is supporting the constitution, as his office requires.

    The best-case scenario at this point would be for the Muslims who are part of this project to back down as a gesture of good will towards the families of the victims of 9/11. It is too soon–they should show some sensitivity.

  • Abe L.

    Great show in Atlanta on Friday Greg really enjoyed it. Looking forward to seeing you again.

  • drzrider

    Andy, I got on here to say exactly what you said. I can only hope there are more of you and me than of Kelsey and Greg. Thanks Andy

  • Andy King

    Cheers Drzrider!

  • I enjoy these road podcasts and hope you continue to do them … even though you were gruff with the guests this time 😉

  • Susie

    I cant listen to you anymore Greg. Sorry, I fucking hate hearing your politics.

  • MEK

    Greg I'm sure you're a smart man but saying the Amalekites "were probably wiped out by Christians" is just plain dumb. Samuel wasn't a Christan – the Amalekites were wiped out by the Jews. I understand it's humor but don't toss out examples to prove a serious point and then get basic facts wrong.