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Greg has musician extraordinaire Kyle Gass swing by the podcast. Kyle Gass invents a new word that Greg loves, and tells a great story about being busted. Greg and Kyle break down the alternative comedy scene, Greg breaks out his awesome metaphor skills, and they play fan favorites Half-a-Man and Rank ‘Em.

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  • VonRiesling

    I was with you on the Beach Boys until recently. I never liked them even though I was born in Glendale, California and was exposed to them all my life. I prefer rock and roll, jazz, even country rather than the soft cotton candy surf harmonies.

    But…Pet Sounds is musically insanely influential if you dig a little into it, watch a behind the music VH1 show or the Wrecking Crew.

  • Aaron

    Great show but does Greg really need Mike in the background laughing like a dumbass? Why not just have a laugh track from a shitty sitcom?

  • Tom F.

    Loved it, listened to all of it. Enjoyed Fitzdog’s breakdown of the comedy boom-and-bust, alternative as a response to saturation, Friar’s roasts and his longing to be included, and I did miss Mike Gibbons.

    Rich Hall…sniglet guy. A high-school dropout, just like George Carlin, yet both incredible masters of the language.

    Kyle Gass’s story about getting busted by the police officer was classic. “I wasn’t in my right mind, and he got the jump on me.” Right. He had “powdery substance”, mj, and was high at 9am. Yet, somehow, all this is the fault of the police. Typical show business delusion and entitlement. Also, amazing that he is only 50. Hard-knock life.

    Lastly, enjoyed your Socrates reference to the fire and the shadows on the cave wall. Critical thinking has a place in your podcast, Politcs do not. There are dozens of politics podcasts, that fail when they try to be funny. Act accordingly.

    The half-a-man’s were great fun as always. Adam Baldwin was the guy Kyle was thinking of.

  • Ken San Diego

    Rich Hall – “Not Necessarily the News”

    As a child my mother and I used the sniglet “Pursiilious” (Purse-Silly-Us) which was the word for that stupid feeling a man has when having to carry his wife’s purse in public. In my case my mothers purse as a child.

    As an adult now…that feeling never goes away. I still hate holding my wife’s purse when she asks. Even if for a second.

  • jason

    Love the show

  • gdw3

    Sniglets = Rich Hall

  • gdw3

    (the answer to Criag’s question about who did Sniglets)

  • James


    Stellar podcast man. Definitely one of the best comics working today. I love love LOVE all the insight into the comedy industry you provide.

    Btw, the word you were looking for when the guidos go girl hunting is CREEPIN'.

    Keep it up buddy.


  • Tbone

    really enjoyed it: the alt. comedy scholarly discussion was really intriguing – usually people talking about comedy is horrific (like when carlin(who is the michael jordan of comedy would talk comedy philosophy), but i dug it maybe because Mr. Show is my favorite show and I've enjoyed many of those people moving forward; I thought kG was good at keeping the conversation going as you were on a roll, his coke story was interesting radio, and overall just a really good one.

  • P.H.O.A. 5150

    Love the podcast, keep up the good work.

  • It doesn't matt

    Pet Sounds is not the "we're going surfing in a classic car" beach boys. Greg you seem to enjoy talking a lot of shit about things you know very little about! I enjoy listening you talk about the comedy scene because it's something you are clearly well versed in. But maybe leave music to the musicians, and politics to the scholars, you know?

  • Tim Owings OneManBan

    Kyle Gass' Sexual Baseball is brilliant! Greg's face towards the end, priceless! Had me in tears! Love ya Greg!

  • Pitch White

    The combining of two words is called "portmanteau."