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Greg talks about race with Mike Gibbons, plays fan favorites Overheard and Half-a-Man, and chats with his close pal turned recent superstar Zach Galifianakis, whom he used to pitch shows with. Listen in to see how those pitches went.

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  • Matt


    Love the podcast.

    One correction however,

    Demone is the stud in Fast Times and Rat is the loser who can't land the young 3 named actress until the end.

    Keep up the good work.


  • Kevin C

  • Kevin

    buy trainwreck on amazon

  • Kevin C

  • Chad

    OVERHEARD: At a shopping mall

    Old man to wife: Give me those bags.

    Old man: Why am I holding all these bags?

  • Filthepitome

    I can’t remember if Posehn was talking about the poor Auditioner but Kyle Gass is who Fitz made the comment to about guys being good about dating girls and guys who are good at boinking them….this after Kyle Gass said he is terrible at auditions….listening now, not sure if the producer fixed himself…or is Posehn actually said it to which Fitz made the same comment follwing….I also don’t know how the universe was created.


    Half a man Joe Mantegna / Chazz Palminteri

  • J W

    Dear Greg,

    Stop it with the no black people listen to podcast. I am a black man with a black wife and black friends who all listen to you, Carolla, Maron and Burr. I work in a cubical, reviewing paperwork and doing investigations with little to no interaction with people most of the day. My only outlets besides music for those 8 hours are you guys. I’m pretty sure people don’t just email you or post comments saying they are black because it is stupid to do so when really their skin color has nothing to do with liking the show.

    I guess now that I have done the thing that I have just called stupid… Can I touch on another topic?

    The N-Word.

    Dr. Laura said a lot of offensive stuff in that exchange besides the N-Word, and the way she used it wasn’t even problematic for me, but it was like the cherry on the top to everything else she was saying. I’m not caught up on the word because at one time the word was used just like “Black” is used now regardless of its disrespectful nature. Now the N-word is like calling black people the scum of the earth.

    An old (black) guy told me once that people are losing their minds with these words to call black people because no matter how great you are you will still be an N-word. Every word after it has just been black people’s way of softening the blow. Negro, Colored, African American, etc all still lead to a white guy calling a guy like Obama, the N-word, regardless of his position in life or who he is as a person.

    By the way, do white people want to use the word so bad? A white guy asked my opinion on the N-word and I told him that most white people don’t even understand racial issues to have that discussion… He called me a reverse-racist. I told him to give up white privilege and you can have the N-word.

  • J W

    by the way I love the show.

  • Tom F.

    Great podcast, lots of fun. Great Zach story about Chris Rock opening for Metallica, and his tweet to Louis CK.

    Also, Gibbons is a great addition to the show, and it was nice to learn the history of Fitzdog and Gibby and how they came to be friends. Gibbons does a nice thing with the conversation when Fitz veers into the political, he did it twice in this podcast: he makes a generic statement, like "Interesting!" or "This podcast gets funnier and funnier!" A great way to steer the subject back to entertainment and comedy, instead of becoming the Mother Jones Lite. podcast.

    JW, your post was great, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • Carolla Fan

    Walking my dog this AM in Venice- homeless guy flies out of his camper threatens me 4 talking on my cel phone outside his home. – Fitzdog tweet 8/25

    Was it Tim Robbins? Seriously, this is where the liberal mentality meets reality. Imagine if Greg's kids or wife were talking on their cellphones, and this happened. A few podcasts back, he was complaining about the police who "harrass" the homeless living in their vehicles in Venice. Wonder if Fitzdog will have a change of heart on this quality-of-life issue.

  • salmon

    Half-a-Man; Samuel L Jackson and Lawrence Fishburne

  • Bob_n_Mary

    Hey Birdy…Hey Sockpocket…stop whining and go rent a Galafianakis movie.

  • two two one two

    Half-a-man: Jesse Eisenberg and Michael Cera

  • Will T.

    Based on the photo I also thought Fat Jesus would be a live guest.

  • geoffersen

    I agree with those who were disappointed that this podcast only contained a clip of Zach Galifianakis' time on the Sirius show. Greg, you know this is a little disingenuous, so please do this some other way in the future. Still, it was a good show.

  • Tony Johnson

    half a man; bryan callen and joe rogan.

    love the podcast

  • memo

    half a man: mark mcgrath & ethan hawke

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