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Greg has Jillian Barberie Reynolds and regular Mike Gibbons on this week’s podcast where Greg compares first marriages to making pancakes, Mike and Greg guess what famous Latino woman Jillian had a threesome with, and Greg explains why it’s not creepy to take a bath with your kid. Mike talks about his first hand experience with early childhood compulsive masturbating, Jillian talks about role playing with a pistol. Greg wonders if Jillian pleasures herself to the thought of her ex-marine sniper husband subduing an intruder, and they play fan favorites Half-a-Man and Liar’s Poker.

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  • First!

    Minneapolis! It's about time.

  • Mark

    Greg, Mad Men is great but Breaking Bad is a little better. And of course the greatest show of all time is The Wire.

  • Typically love the show, but this time I had to close it midway through. Get this annoying self-entitled cunt off the air.

    More Bill Burr please.

  • You look creepy as hell Greg. Good Work.

  • goodguy

    Nice kings gear! GO KINGS!

  • Tim(ur special guest

    I have to agreee with ChiliConCarne, YOu look uber creepy there and all I can say is Bravo BUHHH RAAAHH VOHHH!!!

  • Tim(ur special guest

    Greg, I really enjoyed Confessions of an Economic Hitman and the Born STanding Up audiobook. Can you recommend any other books at this time? btw goodm ove not even acknowledging Sal . He called you a aparasite and an amoeba but by you not responding it makes him look even smaller if that's possible

  • bob

    greg you look 18 in that youtube clip

  • Brian

    I'm guessing Michelle Rodriguez is the chick that seduced Jillian.

  • Mike S.

    woah, who's the creeper with the gal?

  • Brian H.

    1/2 a man = Mark Strong(RocknRolla) and Andy Garcia!!!

    (look it up!!!)

    Your show rocks!!! Mike Gibbons had some great input in this Podcast.

    Keep up the fantastic work!!!

  • Tom F.

    Fitzdog and Gibbons are great. Jillian…meh.

    Most revealing line was when she said, “I hate memory work, but love improv. Just give me a subject, and let me go with it.” Wow. Nothing worse than being forced to listen to an ignorant person who thinks what they have to say is worthwhile. Her first husband would be a great guest.

  • Tim(ur special guest

    Greg, She was unnnnnnnnnnnnnnlistenable!!! WHy?? To kiss Howard's ass a lil more?? Hasn't that gone bad enough? Geezus Christ I understand from a career standpoint why you would do it but Tom F had it right. And it's stuckup ignoramuses like her that have fueled the pelican over the last few years to do the absolute!undeniably WORST RADIO OF HIS CAREER and you fucking know it but I know why you can't say it, just thought that Irish temper would've come thru already on the whole foreword thing especially Sal…Sal??? calling you names and Howard agreeing and you had NO REBUTTAL!!! WTF GREG!!?? His show is an ABORTION NOW!! LET HIM KNOW!!!Fuck him and his legendary career!

  • Herb

    I thought the Ep was pretty good. Coming from Australia i dont know Jillian at all so just took her at face value. Greg is really good at getting the best out of a Guest!

    Whats going on with Howard and Greg???

  • Tom F.

    Brian H's 1/2-a-man is awesome. Check out Mark Strong in 'Body of Lies' and he does look exactly like Andy Garcia.

    Here is another, two British semi-hottie actresses with similar names and looks, that occupy the same space in my mind: Emily Mortimer and Emily Morton.

    And another, two great actors that are mugly:

    Oliver Platt and Philip Seymour Hoffman

  • Brian H.

    Thanks Tom F.

    1/2 a woman = Kiera Knightley and Natalie Portman.

  • Wow,

    The sheet, the camera mic… you guys spared no expense. BTW, this is the hottest I have ever seen Jillian look, not sure how she does it, and you look surprisingly good too Greg, with a hat on.

    – The Doc