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Greg and Mike Gibbons chat with returning guest Mike O’Malley for this week’s podcast. Greg compliments Mike O’Malley on being able to play a great average drunken slob, who also gives a preview on the hot women guest staring on Glee this season, and they talk about Neal Patrick Harris’ shout out to Mike at the Emmys. Greg relives an audition horror story, Gibbons talks about the prospects of working with Norm MacDonald, and Greg has Mike O’Malley play Rank ‘Em.

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  • Brian


  • Rick Murda

    1/2 a woman: Natasha Leggero/Whitney Cummmings.

  • Best story of the podcast: Mike Gibbons about Greg's audition. Take it down a notch Clay Aiken!

    Saddest statement of the podcast from Greg: "Cedric doesn't return my calls". Just glad Greg didn't follow up with "and come to think of it Carrot Top hasn't been too responsive to email lately"

    What does it tell us about the quality of a performer when he has to put the word "entertainer" in his name. "Hey that guy up there telling jokes is that Cedric the Gardener? "No, no that Cedric is out in the yard planting rhododendrons" I think that's Cedric the Entertainer, at least that's what it said on the marquee"

  • LD

    White blues singers… about the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band

  • Brian

    Greg – I'm a big fan of your show and Sterns. I think the whole foreword thing has been funny from the outside. It sucks that it's kind of spiked your guys relationship but maybe once it's all over you guys can hit the reset button. In the meantime, I think a lot of Stern listeners (the majority) appreciate both sides of the thing and it find it morbidly hilarious. Keep your chin up kid. You're awesome.

  • Tim(ur special guest

    Greg, FUCK THESE HOWARD SHEEPS!! annnd silently write Howard off too! WHat a fucking CHANGE of a man via $$$$$. He's so full of himself and after 25 years I am officially done with him. His show sucks, his staff has failed him, and his pompous attitude about this whole thing has got me HOT!! and offically the final nail in the coffin for me listening to has been Stern. In case you haven't noticed O&A are more comic friendly. Howard is such a cock sucking typical….. who stole money from Sirius especially in this last year

    Keep up the good work man, you don't need that show or the $350 FUCK THEM!

  • Burns

    You can tell who to listen to or not based on their spelling of the word foreword (forward = don't listen to).

  • Colin Green

    Greg, you have my sympathy. I'm listening to Tuesday's show with Stern droning on yet again about writing your foreward.

    When you called into the show, any time you tried saying something honest that cut through the bullshit you were cut off or ignored.

    Anyone with half a brain knows that most of what comes out of Stern's mouth is complete bullshit "for the radio". It's sad to see you become a victim of his passive aggressive radio bullshit and turn people against you.

    If Stern wasn't who he is, I know you would have gone off on him and handed him his ass.

  • Who is still listening to Howard? I cancelled my Sirius 6 months ago? Who cares?

    Love the anger Greg — Mike Gibbons and you are perfect foils. Just keep doing your thing — the show sounds great, especially when you get ornery.

  • Dave

    1/2 a future man. justin bieber will grow up to be bears quarterback jay cutler.

  • Jon

    Jack White can sing the blues – listen to some of his non-white stripes stuff

  • Blackspotter

    White blues singers- Ian Anderson of jethro tull

  • H

    Burns looks like he eats a lot of dick……………..