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Greg does a solo podcast, before he attends a big party. He talks about being recognized, recent Howard Stern stuff, and plays Half-a-Man.

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  • Tom F.

    Loved it, I like Greg alone with his thoughts. He is funny and interesting, and seems to do half the stuff just to make himself laugh. The half-a-mans were also great stuff, always look forward to it. Here are my three favorite quotables from the podcastd:

    "Melatonin helps you sleep at night. Melanoma helps you get a tan." – Greg, trying to come up with proper vocabulary choice, "melanin."

    "I shoot from the hip, but I'm always right."

    "I was triple-deep in an analogy, but forgot to bookmark my point."

  • And when he called said that Sienna Miller was married to Hugh Grant (he meant Jude Law) and when he said that Naomi Watts starred in "19 grams" (he was short a couple of grams, but who's counting).

    These statements came within 20 seconds of his "I'm always right" statement."

    Which is, of course, hilarious.