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Dixie Chicks CONFIRMED for tonight’s radio show and podcast!  Don’t miss it!

Could Sexual Baseball be on the cards? Stay tuned!

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  • robx46

    Keep 'em coming! My ipod has a void when I don't get 2x Fitz podcasts a week!

  • Corey

    Love Nat on Howard and really digging this show too.

  • Andy

    Fitz, ask Natalie if she plans on making the rock album with the Dixie Chicks or will she go solo?

  • Ryo

    Natalie is great on Stern, l looking forward to tonight's podcast.

  • Lindsay

    Does Natalie like the young duo called the Jane Dear Girls? Their video for Wildflower was recently free on iTunes, and they appear to be Dixie Chicks wannabes.