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Greg Giraldo

Greg is in Minneapolis, and starts off the podcast by talking about Greg Giraldo, how they both came up in the comedy world at the same time, what a great person he was, how well they got along, and how he dealt with the loss. He then plays clips from the last time Greg Giraldo was on the podcast.

He takes time to talk about Minneapolis, what a great city it is, Vikings jerseys, and his son’s birthday. He also recaps his chat with Brad on the Adam Carolla Show, where he feels that he went too far in pushing him.

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  • Tom F.

    Fitzdog, thank you for sharing your grief, and sorry for your loss. Much respect for Giraldo, and your friendship. As years go by, you realize how rare a real friend truly is.

    Also, glad Acme had you back, no higher compliment. Good moment with Brad on Carolla, too. Looking forward to Part 2.

  • Terry Josephson

    Fitzdog, I live in, Canada and it was just by good chance that I was in Minneapolis this weekend. As a subscriber to your podcast, I jumped at the chance to take in your last show Saturday night. And you totally delivered! A two hour freaking set?! Wow.

    My wife, a 36C, came along grudgingly, but you completely won her over. So much so that I actually managed to get permission to pre-order your book on Amazon (which I just did 10 minutes ago). I know the only reason I got that permission is that she wants to read it, but whatever it takes!

    Thanks for the belly laughs and aching jaw,

    Terry Josephson

    WInnipeg, Canada

    • Frankfineas

      What a pussy.

  • Jim

    Hey Greg, great podcast per usual.

    Is there any chance you can re-post a full podcast from a past Greg Giraldo appearance? Truly a sad time for the comedy world. He was a brilliant guy.

  • Tom F.

    Jim, it was posted 2/13/10, so you can just go to the bottom of the page and pageback until you get there. Here is another link, through

    If you subscribe through iTunes, you can go back (or resubscribe) and all the episodes will show up for your selection. Or, you can Google "fitzdog Greg Giraldo" and it will also show up. Many ways to find it, all it takes is a little effort.

  • Nick (Seattle)

    Did you just call Dumb and Dumber a bad movie? Are you shitting me? Greatest comedy ever.