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Natalie, Greg, Zach and Mike

In an unprecedented display of AA list talent, I am joined in my garage/studio first by Natalie Maines of The Dixie Chicks, and then Zach Galifianakis (not via telephone this time). We sat in my studio, along with Mike Gibbons, for a very, very long time and discussed everything from fame, to race, to orange pubic hair. This is part two. Enjoy.

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  • mr.Loser

    Great stuff. Natalie is a cool lady and best part was Zach/Stern talk.

  • Stephan Jeffery

    The anticipation of waiting for part two exciting.I love a Cliffhanger,well not "Cliffhanger",that totally blew. Keep up the great work Greg and friends.I look forward to a new cast every week!

  • Tom F.

    Very interesting, she's a spunky gal! Zach was great, too, that is the most I have heard him talk about protecting his privacy. Not every act is built for that kind of Stern-honesty, Emo Phillips and Pee Wee Herman also come to mind.

    Natalie was pretty disrespectful of Julia Roberts' personal decision to stay out of politics. I respect it, and wouldn't expect her to admit that she might be ignorant or counter-productive to her cause. The only reason Dixie Chicks are feeling their oats, is because they got caught out talking $h1t pandering to Eurowussies; it wasn't like they were speaking truth to power, they just got busted. She apologized, and the apologized for apologizing. OK, whatever, enjoy.

  • Justin S

    Best podcast yet. Love the show Greg!

  • Sarah V.

    Loved the podcast. Natalie is my favorite Dixie Chick !