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Steven and Greg in the studio

Greg and Mike Gibbons welcome Steven Weber on this week’s podcast. Greg reminds Steven that he was on Wings, Steven talks about being born in to show business Goodfellas style, and Mike explains why his American nanny who was born in Mexico isn’t allowed in the family pool. They take your Overheards, Mike is amazed by vegan dental floss, Greg wonders when his kids are going to call his bluff about life, and Mike talks about his future in solar energy after peaking in show business.

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  • Brett

    Very deep but very interesting!

  • Tom F.

    Best lines from Mike Gibbons: "So, are the Irish a race?!?!! Sorry. Didn't mean to bring up any facts." "Mexican MILFs are the hottest, because they are 17. Sorry, I meant 18."

    Love the discussion of comedians, from Rodney to the Boston almost-made-its. Interesting discussion of kids, technology, and changing skillsets. Nice to get the perspective of rich showbiz dads raising children of privilege.

  • Herbtama

    i actually thought he was an ordinary guest. would have preffered just greg amd mike.Webber actually seemed to block alot of the flow, and didnt bring much at all. Although he was far worse on Carolla, came across like a bit of a prick really. was hoping Adam would just ask him to leave. Im not one for shitting on people via keyboard but its honest feedback. Herb

  • Blacktopaz3

    Only on the Fitzsimmons podcast have I heard Steven Webber not be overly obnoxious. Is it because greg is more obnoxious? I'd like to think Greg's more in command of his show. I think that's actually it.

  • Brian H.

    I think this was your best podcast to date. Been listening for a while now and I found this podcast to be very deep, interesting and insightful. I couldn't agree more that we need to return to a much more simpler lifestyle. EVERYONE needs to slow the fuck down and enjoy the simpler things!!! I'm from Canada and although we don't have a specific "America Dream", I fully understand how people are living WAY beyond their means, trying to keep up with the Jones', and in the end ultimately being more unhappy than they thought they'd be after amassing so much SHIT!!!

    Gibbons again compliments the show greatly with his insight and humour. Found it interesting when he was talking about his university class, what the future would be like and that our brains can adapt to the rapidly advancing society that we are so totally consumed by.

    Keep up the great work.

  • mek

    Steven Weber is awesome. I enjoyed him on Carolla's podcast too.

  • SamEyeAm

    Haven't posted in a while, but man Greg, you've been on a tear of late. This one was the perfect storm of great guest and you and Gibbons were on your respective games today. Can't wait for Norm!

  • Mark

    He taxes me.