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Greg and Chris Hardwick

Chris Hardwick shares the secrets of being a geek who is a winner and explains how to organize your life so you too can be a successful geek. Greg’s lack of any rude comments can only be attributed to Chris Hardwick being an extremely nice guy (or someone who just acts like a nice guy all the time but is not really).

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  • Tom F.

    Another great podcast. Great guest, I also like The Nerdist podcast.

    Funny, listening to Fitz and Hardwick try to wade into the "why" of white culture's outperforming non-white. "Maybe it is environmental." "It could possibly be the foods they ate." Oh boy.

    4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris is a great book. The 80/20 rule is also known as the Pareto Rule.

  • Nyshy84

    I love Greg… LOVE LOVE LOVE him.. and I love the Nerdist Podcast… LOVE IT. But…. Chris…. Dude, PLEASE gain a few pounds back. I had NO idea u got so skinny. Also… Wear some speed stick or something.

  • Tnjunkmail1

    Cool t-shirt chris, where did you get it?

  • Mike S.

    You guys pruned my hateful comment about Brody to make it look like a good one… boo.

  • Brett

    Greg and Chris need to read the books “Guns, Germs and Steel” and “1491” to understand why European culture dominated over others for wealth and advanced technology.

    • The reason white people have always dominated the world, and continue to dominate the world, is because we are smarter and we have the ability to plan ahead, rather than just live in the moment.

      Read the book “A Farewell to Alms” for a scientific explanation (Guns, Germs, and Steel is a pop culture book, not a scientific book).

      Look at Zimbabwe, for example. When whites moved there, they thrived and built a successful society. But when the land and technology were given back to the local savages, everything fell apart. The GG&S excuse that geography is the culprit turns out to be complete nonsense.

    • Tom F.

      Western culture has benefitted from the Renaissance period and the Age of Enlightenment. (google it)

      “Guns, Germs and Steel” by Jared Diamond is a great book, the theory that Western culture benefitted by environment doesn’t explain the 500+ years it was behind Asia and Africa, but it is must reading for those truly interested in the subject.

      That said, Fitz and Hardwick will never bother reading it, as they feel they already know everything they need to know in this life.

  • Alex Taylor0622

    Fitzdof is the omni-present podcaster in my life, but for the first time ever, i couldn’t finish. Just like i can’t finish Doug Loves Movies with Chris Hardwick. Because he is painfully unfunny and is always trying too hard. He should leave it to the pros. That said, Fitzdog radio is the greatest, i wold love to hear you on DLM as well as another WTF. Love Bill Burr”s MMpodcast also great to hear you guys trade stories. WATAH!

    • Tom F.


  • Two middle-aged guys wearing cartoon shirts that look skinny enough to be HIV positive…YEAH!!!