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Greg and Mike Gibbons welcome legend Sam Simon to this week’s podcast. Mike Gibbons opens the show with the daily news, they talk about Randy Quaid and is wife going crazy, and Sam talks about punching a guy at a poker table. Sam comments on the Howard Stern / Greg Fitzsimmons book forward controversy, the group agrees Steve Martin’s tweets are disappointing, they trade Norm MacDonald gambling stories, take your overheards, and Sam exposes online poker.

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  • Tom F.

    Best line, Fitz to Gibbons: “I’d fire you, if you were getting paid.”

    Sam Simon is quite interesting. I don’t know much about him at all, and Gibbons’ questions were stuff I wanted to know, too. Former boxer, punched a guy at a card club, pro poker player, worked on ‘Taxi’, created the Simpsons…a true renaissance man. Fun show!

    The question game was cool. Correct answer to Ron Wood’s band created during his first break from Rolling Stones is “The New Barbarians.”

    Love Fitzdog’s comment about disliking ‘Ebonic’ overheards. Nothing about disliking Ebonics. And wondering how it is a bunch of rich white guys do not come into contact with Black people in L.A. For these showbiz movers, this will apparently remain a mystery.

  • I’ve been listening for quite a while now(went back and listened to every available show)and I hate to admit it, but this was your WORST podcast to date???!!! What the hell was that??? You TOTALLY shit on Gibbons for asking valid questions and I wouldn’t blame him for being pissed at you. You’re lucky your not paying him? You’ll be lucky if he sticks around!!! I really enjoyed the last 2 podcasts(Steve Webber and Chris Hardwick). Liked the direction the shows were going in, but this was very uninteresting, jumbled and extremely disappointing.

    I don’t like shitting on you(usually I’m pulling for you)but I think Gibbons adds to the show and deserves an apology at the very least.

    I’ll blame your book coming out soon for this large lapse in judgement.

    Come on man, you’re better than this!!!

    P.S. Still haven’t heard the 1/2 a Man’s/Woman’s that I gave you???

  • SamEyeAm

    How dare you forget to throw in a plug for Low Budget FM?!! 😀

    Would’ve loved to hear more about the World of competitive poker. And I hope the audition went well. BTW, the sitcom is not dead. Traditional shows with live studio audiences are dead, but single-cameras like Modern Family, 30 Rock and The Office are taking off.

  • pete goesinya

    greg thank’s for the blue ray DVD tip. I wanted to hear about sam simons boxing career.the pod cast listener’s don’t care about the podcast’s being structured in the proper sequence.or is it because you have had an assfull of adam carollas stories.If that’s the case then I don’t blame you….ha ha