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Greg and Mike Gibbons welcome Rob Corddry to this week’s podcast. Greg goes over the feud brewing between Mel Gibson and Zach Galifinakis, Rob goes over the list of people he would refuse to work with, and they talk about problems they have with bestiality. Greg tries out a new segment called Jokes Jay Leno is Afraid to Do, Rob explains how he got to the top, they take Matt Besser’s Half-A-Mans, and they play Liars Poker.

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  • Tom F.

    Great conversation about race and racism, from three privileged middle-aged white showbiz minds. I really learned a lot, mainly that ‘Muslim’ is not a race.

    best line from Gibbons: “The Japanese weren’t too deferential at Pearl Harbor.”

  • mek

    Corddry rules! Great podcast.

  • Swinglowbilly

    Gibbons is the man. Greg puts on a great show as usual ..

  • Brian H.

    Gibbons had it right, Muslim is NOT a race, it’s a religion!!! The reason that it feels like racism is that most Americans are GOD FEARING Americans and therefore feel that their religion is superior to all others(how was that for stereotyping/generalizing) LMAO.

    The reason Asian pilot don’t fly well is that their field of vision is 1/3 that of the white man.(was that racist???) LMAO. JOKING!!!

    Another terrific show, great guest, Gibbons(wait…WHAT?)

    Way to get back on the horse after the Sam Simon interview(I did not reference Birbiglia as I haven’t listened to it yet).

    Keep ’em comin’!!!

  • Ace

    Whets the hair?

  • Ace

    I was not aware of your snowboard skills