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Greg does a podcast from Palm Beach, Florida. He talks about the local attack ads politicians use in the area, and takes your Overheards. He also interviews comedian Mike Veccio.

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  • Tom F.

    Love the solo podcasts, and it was interesting to see you interact with your feature act and tell the story about the similarities between Mike’s father and Jimmy Fallon’s father.

    The Sanford Meisner technique was hilarious, I hope you get a chance to do it again with other guests.

    Did not mind the political stuff, because you weren’t so self-righteous and actually seemed to be self-aware, and that you might be being unintentionally offensive to someone who disagrees with you, or simply hold an occupation. (i.e. – “some of my listeners might be salesmen”, “I don’t understand the Tea Party”)

    Looking forward to the book, it’s gonna be great.