Zach Galifianakis & Natalie Maines PT 2

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Natalie, Greg, Zach and Mike

In an unprecedented display of AA list talent, I am joined in my garage/studio first by Natalie Maines of The Dixie Chicks, and then Zach Galifianakis (not via telephone this time). We sat in my studio, along with Mike Gibbons, for a very, very long time and discussed everything from fame, to race, to orange pubic hair. This is part two. Enjoy.

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Greg in Minneapolis & Tribute to Greg Giraldo

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Greg Giraldo

Greg is in Minneapolis, and starts off the podcast by talking about Greg Giraldo, how they both came up in the comedy world at the same time, what a great person he was, how well they got along, and how he dealt with the loss. He then plays clips from the last time Greg Giraldo was on the podcast.

He takes time to talk about Minneapolis, what a great city it is, Vikings jerseys, and his son’s birthday. He also recaps his chat with Brad on the Adam Carolla Show, where he feels that he went too far in pushing him.

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Donate to help support Greg Giraldo’s Children

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As many of you know, Greg Giraldo passed away last week. A fund has been started by friends and fans to help support and educate his three young boys. If you’d like to help, send a check to the address below, or click the link to donate via PayPal.

Thank you and God bless.

Giraldo Children’s Fund via PayPal

Giraldo Children’s Fund
C/o MaryAnn McAlpin-Giraldo
P.O. Box 1827
New York, NY 10025

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