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Greg does the podcast from New York this week with comedian Brian Regan. Brian talks a little about his family life, and his very regimented work schedule. Greg and Brian are much more comfortable with self effacing stories compared with stories where that person is the hero, which leads to how “Overheards” was created. They talk about how quickly they’ll judge a tv show that effort, time and money has been poured into, but stick with any porn almost instantly. They talk about dealing with comedy crowds, and trying to do one better than the crowd. Greg wraps up the podcast by announcing that his book, Dear Mrs. Fitzsimmons, is out.

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  • Tom F.

    Brian Regan is a really humble and super funny guy. Loved it. Another great podcast. Brian seemed almost embarrassed for calling stand up comedy an “art form.” The way most people do it, it is a skill or craft. Well, the way he does it, it is an art form.

    Also, best line from Fitzdog, when Regan analogized what a Van Gogh work of art would become if TV and studio executives have input: “It would be a Van Diesel.” Wow, that was not only hilarious, but really nice when two comics who respect each other can share a genuine laugh.

  • Tom F.

    Picked up Greg’s book, and it is even better than I thought it would be. There is one story, kind of a mind-blower, where Fitzdog, his brother and friend wind up in a donneybrook with a late-night bar patron who brought his 3-year-old daughter into the drinking establishment. Greg cannot control his Irish homicidal tendencies, and you MUST read the book for this story, alone.

    Also, I saw some copies of the book in the Children’s section. I am assuming a prankster put them there, instead of one of the $7.50/hour subversive B&N workers. Either way, it was funny. And no, I didn’t tell anybody.

  • mike

    brian regan lives here in vegas but does not perform here. does anybody know why that is?

    • Tom F.

      Brian Regan’s audiences have found him. As he said on the podcast (and on other comedy podcasts), he is not an actor, so they wouldn’t have seen him in any TV or movies. They just know him from friends’ recommendations, and maybe seeing him before.

      Audiences in Las Vegas are a big cross-section of people just looking for an evening of…something to do. If Kool & The Gang, or George Wallace, or some illusionist is performing, that is what they will see. There is nothing wrong with this, or with these people. But they are not the crowds that come to see Brian Regan at theaters all over the country.