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Greg and Mike welcome Nick Swardson to this weeks podcast where the guys compare their respective ping pong skill levels, Greg lightens the mood joking about Nick’s fathers death, and Nick shows off his Minnesota shaped jewelry. Nick throws out a hypothetical about a vagina, Greg gets called a honky by a white chick, they take your Overheards, and Nick describes losing a brand new Audi for two weeks.

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  • Nick from Missouri

    Ahh, when Fitzy had hair….

  • sierra916

    i bought your fucking book. will you shut up now?

  • Meaton650

    love the drunken stories

  • Tom F.

    That drinking/drug thing is going to end badly for Swardson…

    In the meantime, it is great listening

  • If I was Nick, I’d leave the flowerpot out of the drunken brawl story. Just saying a fight broke out and waking up in a hospital is badass!

  • Hi Greg,
    I read your book. Great book. You and I are the same age and I swear to god I could smell it. It was like hearing Black Dog on the radio.
    P.S. I found your book in the Biography “new releases” section next to a Lincoln bio. Stupid me, I’d been looking in the humor section.

  • Brian H.

    Great show. Great Guest. I think Gibby was on to something when he suggested(pitched)a semi-autobiographical movie about Nick as he has some pretty interesting stories. Also, I agree with Sam’s comment(see above)that the bar fight would have sounded so much better without mentioning the potted plant incident(fuckin’ ficus). Too funny about Norm McDonald keeping Nick waiting at the bar for 8+hours.