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Norm MacDonald comes to Greg’s garage for possibly the funniest podcast in the history of mankind. Norm gives his thoughts on Oprah, he announces women are not throwing, and have never thrown themselves at him, and tells what happens when Alan King mouthed off to Don Rickles. Norm gives comedy lessons with the help of Steve Allen, Greg premieres the new game Talk Your Way Out of It, they play Liar’s Poker, and they write a joke for Greg’s Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance.

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  • How did you get Norm before Carolla?!?!

  • @the greatest…I believe Gibbons is producing Norm’s new show.

    As for the podcast, there was no way it was gonna live up to the hype it had but still, there were some great moments. Like when Norm talked his way out of the “Talk your way out of this” game. Nice segment addition BTW.

    And while I’m BTW’ing, what was up with Norm’s voice? It sounded hoarse, plus he was away from the mic. Wish you woulda cracked the whip like you do with other guests, Gregory.

    I also enjoyed hearing you guys craft a joke before our very ears. Perhaps a new segment idea?

  • Anonymous

    Norm’s got a tv show coming up? Hope they make him speak into the mic…. 🙂

  • Brian H.

    Funniest part of the whole show, Gibby says,”my arms are crossed and I don’t like the direction this conversation is going”. Nearly pissed my pants. GIBBY, YOU’RE THE MAN!!!

  • Anonymous

    I love Norm–but was he awake???

  • one of the best podcasts ever. seriously. Heard a side of Norm I didn’t know existed. Nice when a comedian can speak thoughtfully and still make you laugh your ass off