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Greg welcomes Fred Durst to today’s podcast, where Fred discusses his new movie Pawn Star Chronicles, Greg bribes fans with his Fitz of Laughter CD, and the guys dream up scenarios where they would give a blowjob. Fred discusses his beef with Nine Inch Nails, he explains how to start a riot, they take your Overheards, play Talk Your Way Out of It, and Greg wonders why wearing black face is so offensive.

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  • What a waste of my time.
    Why was he on?

  • This was the first podcast i didn’t listen to all the way through. Durst is just impossibly vapid and self involved.

    Still love you Greg, though, and I never miss a podcast. thank you for the entertainment!

  • Fred Durst is a DOUCHEBAG!! Never speak to him again, Greg. How many more times could he have said, “What do you mean?” What an IDIOT. This was the first episode I turned off, and I never, ever turn off Fitzsimmons!

  • I havent seen so many hipsters pissed off since they started playing The XX and Portishead at the mall. Its been 10 years since all the fame went to Freds head, he’s mellowed out. Chill the fuck out people, just listen to Them Crooked Vultures on your iPod and jerk off. Just watch out for your faggy looking beards! Great interview, Greg is a great judge of character. If he though Fred was a giant douche he wouldn’t have had him on. He’s not an attention whore.

  • how the hell could you call fred durst a musician?

    the dude is a joke. has no sense of humor about himself, came off so bad in this. howard doesn’t have him on because he was a little fad in the 90’s

  • Interviewing Fred is akin to pooping while taking opiates (so I’ve read)… and there isn’t enough stool softener in the greater Los Angeles area to soften that shit up….