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On this week’s podcast, Greg kicks 2011 off with co-host Mike Gibbons and call-in guest Ray Romano. Greg and Mike critique True Grit, Mike ruins his kids forever by allowing them to watch television, and Greg describes a Fitzsimmons’ Christmas. Greg and Ray agree on the best way to get laid while married, Ray talks about his show Men of a Certain Age, and Greg’s compliment blows up in his face.

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  • love Gregs take on True Rap..err Grit, but Speilberg probably has nothing to do with the beginning or end of that movie.

  • I canNOT believe that Mike said such a retarded an ignorant thing about AIDS and Greg didn’t know that he was wrong. AIDS coming from a man having sex with a chimp! I remember hearing that nonsense when I was a child and even then knew that it was a rumor. By the time I hit high school I was educated to the fact it originally transmitted from chimps/gorillas/monkeys to humans simply by hunters being bitten or cut. SEX with the damn monkey are you kidding me?!?!? I mean, yeah beastiality exists, but is far too rare to cause an epidemic, whereas bushmeat hunters were quite common. What are you guys, 7th grade idiots??? jaysus

  • Heard you on Marc Maron WTF podcast and migrated here. Love the show… you got a new fan!