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Greg and side kick Mike Gibbons entertain each other on this weeks podcast where they discuss the brain damage caused by their past drug use, prepare for Greg’s George Lopez Show appearance, and Greg announces his all black podcast for black history month.

Greg talks about why black sitcoms love his writing, they talk about Brazilian AIDS, they play Talk Your Way Out of It, and take your Overheards.

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  • I’m on board!

    Recently came over to give a listen because I heard you on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast. Podcasting is my main entertainment method and it takes some good sh*t for me to put one on my rotation. We have some very parallel growing up experiences; I think we may have stomped on some of the same dirt. I heard one mention of Carmel, NY – my origins and where I did high school in the early 80s.

    Anyway, your podcast is great and plan to pick up your book.

  • Anonymous

    Best lines: “A lot of celebrities are walking through the room. Pauly Shore, Tom Green, Bobby Lee…”

    Fitzdog, complimenting Cedric and his ability to dance and tell jokes: “Black people are so good!”

    Fitzdog, after wondering in the Sam Simon podcast why he, Sam and Gibbons don’t come into contact with Blacks in L.A.: “I have tons of Black friends!”