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Greg and Mike Gibbons welcome comedian April Macie to tonight’s show and podcast where April describes making eye contact with a well known cyclist’s asshole, explains how she got the nickname “Shitty” in high school, and the three compare each others respective psychological breakdowns. Greg prepares himself to explain Michael Jacksons past to his kids, they have a wide ranging discussion on roofies, and a childhood memory recently comes back to haunt Greg.

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  • hilarious when Greg asked her to take off her shoes..more hilarious when Greg denies he’s into feet- yeah right Greg, is that why you bring up feet at least once a show? lol

  • Great great podcast – that was fun.

    The ironic thing is that cyclists’ asses are probably the cleanest asses in all sports. The very fact that the ass, taint, and assorted giblets are in close contact with a saddle for up to 7 hours a day in a stage race requires that these parts be kept as clean as possible because of the danger of infection which results in a condition known as saddle sores. A saddle sore is an incredibly painful infection of the skin resulting in a swelling or bump that sometimes requires surgery to drain it. A saddle sore can end a race for the cyclist thus removing him/her from competition for a period of time, meaning no prize money and usually a loss of sponsorship compensation since the sponsor requires a certain number of race days for the cyclists to participate in. Therefore the need to keep that area as clean as possible is a high priority for the cyclist. As soon as a race or training session is over, showering and a thorough cleaning the skin is done immediately, sometimes finishing with the application of an anti-bacterial or some skin-conditioning ointment.

  • After hearing her interview, I had to go look her up on YouTube. Not very funny at all. Her material sounded like generic 80’s female comedian tropes. Kudos to Greg for getting a lot of funny material out of her on the podcast.