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Greg does today’s “Blackcast” in honor of Black History Month. He starts off the podcast with talking to some of the cast and crew of a Jamie Foxx comedy project, and then does a sit down interview with Craig Robinson of The Office.

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  • Anonymous

    Nice to see Fitzdog mingle with “The Black” and reinforce the victim mentality. And then, with Gibby’s help, criticize the Jews and Israel, it almost didn’t sound like pandering.

  • I can’t believe you actually did a black show…riot! I wish it was longer, and when you think about sterotypes, it really should have been. Maybe you could solicit emails ahead of time and read them on the next one.

    But I enjoyed it nonetheless. My only complaint is this is the umpteenth time I’ve heard Craig Robinson be unfunny. I had this problem with him on Last Comic Standing. He seems to be one of those guys who are hilarious scripted, but struggles otherwise. The first guest brought it though. He needs to come back for BlackCast 2: Electric Boogaloo.