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Greg and co-host Mike Gibbons welcome David Koechner to the studio today. Greg starts off giving the history of the name Fitzdog, he explains why he is wearing a corset, and they talk about David’s new web series ‘Always Open’. They go over what Greg’s childhood smelled like, take you Half-A-Mans, Mike renames the baby boomers, and David almost dies laughing during Talk Your Way Out of It.

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  • cant remember when I laughed so much as when you said “..Penny Marshall”!!!

  • Freakin’ loved this episode and in my humble opinion, you should only do one podcast a week and in the studio. Don’t get me wrong, I listen to the ones on the road cause I love me some Fitzdog, but I’m always hoping for a bigger listenership for you. And I think that if someone was just checking you out for the first time, you’d get ’em hooked right away with you, Gibbons and a guest bantering.

    I listen to a lot of podcasts, and an out of studio episode is a nice change of pace once in a while, like at a big event or if a well-known celeb can’t come to you. But you’re talking about restructuring and my advice would be to focus on putting on one great show each week at Fitzdog Studios.


  • ‘Penny Marshall and the Starbux bathroom’…comedy gold! Koechner’s DEEEEP belly laughing to tears is the best thing I’ve heard in 2011. thanks, Greg!