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Greg has Teresa Strasser in for today’s podcast, where they make it clear that the podcast will be a vast departure from the anal talk of the radio show. Teresa starts off by talking about Greg’s book Dear Mrs. Fitzsimmons, what she learned about Greg’s relationship with his dad from it, and what they think of the next generation possibly being “too soft”. Teresa talks about travelling and experimenting in Eastern Europe, sex while preggers, and anal. They wrap up with some poop talk.
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  • Fitzy and T, Holy hell I’m in Hog Heaven.

  • I love Teresa Strasser. She is a spectacularly talented and funny person. I just wish that there were more outlets for the world to hear from her.

  • Teresa is half the reason I made the switch to podcasts from terrestrial. The other half is Adam Carolla. I enjoy Fitzdog every week and a few other podcasts. Good stuff Mr. Fitzsimmons.

  • Anonymous

    Great show guys! I miss being able to hear Teresa everyday on Adams show. Teresa if you’re reading this, you should never second guess putting yourself out there like you did on the old morning show. It made for some of the best radio ever. You’re a great talent and I appreciate all of the work you did on that show. It will NEVER be the same without you. 🙂

  • Hog Heaven, good name for T’s V

  • Anonymous

    Hey greg thanks so much for having teresa strasser on your podcast. she is very smart and pretty and way better than alison rosen .teresa love yea tom williams

  • Anonymous

    when teresa opens her mouth I am enthralled because she comes across so intelligent and has biting wit.hopefully she will come across a real payday GiG..