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Greg breaks out this never before heard interview with Jim Breuer, from his most recent visit to New York. Before getting to the interview with Jim, Greg talks about the therepeutic aspect of doing the podcast alone in his garage, just getting back from Palm Springs with the family, how he passed the time there, and does fan favorite (and sponsored!) Overheard. He then gets into it with Jim Breuer.

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  • Anonymous

    Greg.. great interview. .but fake moon landing? Search “Moon Landings Fake” on wikipedia, read through it, and see if the theories you’ve heard hold up… if they do, please tell me what they are! I’d LOVE to believe the government faked that stuff… but I just don’t see it (plus, I don’t give them that enough credit, to fake something 12 times THAT well). Anyway, love the show!

  • great podcast! was picturing little kids, playfully spitting pool water at each other while you described the waterpark as a massive bidet lol

  • Anonymous

    the podcast started out ok,but then it started to get real interesting there is no way we went to the moon computer technology in 1969 was a joke…I need a part 2


    The only people who believe the moon landing was a hoax are stoners and assholes who KEEP THEMSELVES IN A SENSORY DEPRIVATION CHAMBER.

  • Anonymous

    Just listened to this, a few weeks late.  Great fun, listening to Fitz and Jim yuk it up about Osama Bin Laden in a cave with his kidney machine.  They must have felt complete @$$h01e$ a few days later!:-)