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Greg gets to know the Fitzdog staff: Eliana Horeczko, Kevin Kraft, and the new sales guy David Nussbaum. Greg starts off the podcast with some chat about Rep. Weiner, and pictures of his junk. They also play fan favorite games Overheard and Talk Your Way Out of It.

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  • Hey English major,
    Re: overheard
    “he made himself both the subject and predicate”. We know a person could not be a predicate. He did, however, refer to himself as both the subject and the object. 
    Also, while not one of the Coen Brothers’ most famous movies, A Serious Man was a movie made about a Jewish man in the sixties. A Simple Man was made about 25 years ago. Though I never saw it, I presume it’s about an upper-middle class American from New York who still identifies himself as an Irishman – that being an angry drunk or an angry ex-drunk. 
    I’m the former, and I love the show.