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Today’s podcast is from a show he did with Dave Attell in New York. Before the podcast, he does a monologue from his studio in Venica, where he talks about the show he is busy running, more problems with his nether regions, his favorite comedians on Twitter. He also gets to some fan favorite games: Malebag and Overhead. He then introduces the live comedy show podcast he did with Dave Attell in New York.

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  • Pat

    The funny thing about Greg Fitzsimmons’ comedy is that it isn’t very funny. But still, in a way, he comes across as an effective entertainer by virtue of the fact that he has a compelling way of presenting himself to the audience. It’s an odd phenomenon.

    Also in this episode he explicitly addresses the question of whether or not the semi-obscure (but not as obscure as he likes to think) and often misquoted allusions that he makes to certain pieces of literature come across as a transparent attempt to cover up a middling level of intelligence through over-compensation. Well, in my opinion, that is precisely how they come across.

    Still, despite these issues, I do enjoy the show on some level.

    • Dan

      Pat, Greg is funny when he’s doing standup. Like Marc Maron, his podcast is more interviews & anecdotes than bits, per se. But check out his Comedy Central specials or his late night spots. Shit is hilarious.

      • Pat

        I am aware of the constraints of the podcast, and I have seen his stand-up, but I still do not find him funny. But then, comedy is really just a matter of taste, so perhaps I am the only person who feels this way.

  • standing under comedy

    in response to Pat, bite it.

  • Kristen Peterson

    Ahhh I’ve been waiting for this. Love Attell very funny episode.

  • other Greg

    Greg has said that he spent the early part of his career essentially “doing” Atell. I can see why. Dave did one little joke in this episode(misquote):

    “I went through airport security today. Found three polyps.”

    Perfectly delivered. Perfectly timed. Something owed to Henny Youngman, but masterfully done.

    • other Greg

      (Not to mention it’s a great little joke.)