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Greg and guest Iliza Schlesinger, host of the new pilot that Greg has been talking about for the past few months, talk about some current events while figuring out which one of them is the boss of the other. Then they talk about whether or not women can be funny and why women insist on telling people that they are magic. Then they do some Overheards, Is It Racist, and, Talk Your Way Out of It.

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  • Sam Jones

    I sent in the Seattle Seahawkes cheerleader “Overheard”. Greg asked if it was legit and it is. I am not clever enough to make that up.

  • Alex

    Great podcast!
    Regarding the chopsticks in the “is it racist” segment, I would argue that if you were the waiter at a Red Robin and saw an Asian guy eating salad with a fork and brought him chopsticks that not only would he be offended, but you would likely get fired. So, hell yes it’s racist.