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Greg does the podcast from the Punchline in San Francisco this weekend, and talks about some of the podcast fans he met while performing there. He also breaks down the difference between bachelor and bachelorette parties, how guys and ladies treat their drunk during those parties, and tells an incident of a bachelorette party hassling him at the Punchline. He also talks about working on the show he is running for VH1. He then talks with the booker and the feature act from the Punchline, who respectively talk about some historic moments at the club and great stories with Greg, and how to work on his comedy act.

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  • Killer show last night, Greg! You totally annihilated that bachelorette party! Thanks again for the picture with me & for signing my copy of your book. Good luck with the pilots & keep on rockin’ the funny!

  • Javier A.

    I was at the show with the bachelorette party, sitting about five feet away from them. Yes, you did call her Rosie O’Donnell, as well as tell her she would be “street meat” in a few hours.

    In the group’s defense, several of the other women had tried throughout the whole show to tell the Rosie to pipe down, so she was the only cunty one. (I don’t like that word either, but this girl is exactly the type it is meant for.)

  • great to hear about dave chapelle!