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Adam Carolla talks to Greg about his annoyance with lazy people, what it means to be successful, and when Adam feels okay with mailing it in. Then Greg and Adam exchange dog poop stories and Greg brings a Carolla-hater to Adam’s attention. Greg asks Adam a serious question about life and death, how to deal with it, and how it relates to some every day scenarios. They wrap up the podcast with some talk of hemorrhoids and a Talk Your Way Out Of It?

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  • Mark

    Terri Schiavo Tabby

  • MortyHorty

    Superb. Two of my favorite talkers on the same podcast. Very enjoyable.

  • Cameron

    Is this a re-run? I’ve heard the ‘If you or your wife die…’, bit before. I don’t understand. I thought there was a new show recorded with Carolla?

    • Cioffi

      It’s not a re-run. We included that short bit (about ten minutes) as a tease in an episode not too long ago.

      The other forty minutes are totally new and never before heard, and personally, one of my favorite episodes ever.

  • Mike

    Thanks Greg. The last podcasts have been extra excellent.

  • Rupaul F Tompkins

    Funny how Greg asks Adam, point blank, how he reconciles his zero tolerance for incompetence, with the fact that he refuses to fire his completely incompetent buddies, out of what… loyalty?

    Adam completely dodges the question with some 10-minute bullshit about how he’s evolved over the years. Uhh, what?

  • mr. lakers

    Hard to believe that Adam Carolla would evade a direct question when put to him. It’s not possible. He hates Steve Miller.

    Who is richer?

  • Thanks for the plug Fitzdog.