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Greg has friend of the show and fellow Bostonian Mike O’Malley back on the show to discuss last week’s Andy Dick hijinks, the use of language, and the true impact of harmful rhetoric, and what should be done about it.

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  • Terri

    Greg and Mike O’Malley…wonderful show. You are wrong Mike…people do want to hear your thoughts on these matters. Great show Greg.

  • Luther


    I’ll start by saying that I am a fan of your work. I must admit that I have never found either your stand up or your radio/podcast appearances to be particularly funny, but you do generally come across as intelligent and interesting, so you are a compelling person to listen to. However, it must be said that during the Mike O’Malley episode of your podcast, the argument that you were trying to advance regarding the appropriate or inappropriate nature of using certain language was so completely incoherent and ludicrous that it is leading me to re-examine my otherwise high opinion of your intellect.

    I can respect your need to protect yourself and your friends from certain kinds of criticism about your use of certain verbiage, but please have enough respect for your listeners that you don’t attempt to foist an utterly specious argument on us in some sort of wrong-headed attempt to make your own actions seem more justifiable. Thanks.

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  • Fieldengineer

    I have listened to this Podcast twice and I find it intriguing. I do not agree with your position that “language” does not affect people. Offensive language offends people by definition. If you wish to use it , you will alienate people. If you continually fixate on a person’s race, then you will be labeled as a racist – by definition.

    I believe that you struggle with this because you use offensive language in your comedy stand-up and are trying to hide behind the act for the reason to bring up the subject. Your “act” is supposed to be about making people laugh, not making people uncomfortable.

    You do not make offensive jokes about a person’s Mother, because you will offend 99.99% of your audience (100% of the audience has a Mother).

    I assume that you are struggling with this and your guest was making the points that I would be making to you.

    Thank you for your podcast.

    Ken Baker