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Greg has Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath on today’s podcast, as well as co-host Mike Gibbons. They start off by talking about Mark’s life, and what music Greg’s kids are listening to lately. Greg talks about masturbating in the studio earlier, his masturbation habits when he flies, and what living in Venice is like. They break down the standup of Mike Gibbons, when a surprise knock on the backdoor reveals Norm MacDonald who sits in for the rest of the podcast.

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  • Daniel

    Been waiting for this

  • DertRyde

    Fitz, Stitcher on my Android????? Why the Hell Not.

    I am trying to get away from my Steve Jobs machine and your show is not offered on Stitcher where EVERYTHING else is……

    – Marty

    • Cioffi

      Marty – We don’t get credit for anyone who listens on Stitcher, which hurts our sales efforts.

      Have you tried using the Fitzdog App, which is available for Android?

      • Turner

        Is this Jacuzzi Cioffi?

        • Cioffi

          You better believe it

  • kev

    this pod isn’t showin up on fitz app or tunes.. wtf

    • Cioffi

      Check now … we think there was a problem with the RSS in the Feedburner setup, should be resolved now.

      Thanks for letting us know.

  • Danny V

    laughfed out loud and emptied my sinuses. Sounded like you all had a blast

  • Jon

    Great show! Can’t wait for part II.

  • Ashley

    Hi, how do I find part 2? The link ends saying it’s just part one. Very good podcast.

    • Cioffi

      Look on this page tomorrow, it’ll be up then.

  • Scott

    Amazing show so far.

    Before my son died I believed just like Norm about the possibility of Jim’s death. It does not go away. It is always just under my skin, ready to manifest itself in bitter tears. There is absolutely no way to understand this specific trauma without going through it. There is no common reference point to this kind of pain. It was three days before Christmas, 1999. I think about it many times, every day. It is a permanent broken heart.

  • Gomly

    Norm MacDonald is an insanely funny person. I always enjoy hearing him.

    Greg Fitzsimmons’ failure to appreciate irony is indicative of his lack of comedic sophistication. He tries, though.

  • Brian

    Love you Grapefruit

  • NormFan

    Part 2 please?

    • Cioffi

      Coming up in a few minutes, uploading now.