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Greg continues his podcast with Norm MacDonald. Norm talks about his favorite felons, the ones he considers funniest, and how a recent interaction with The Juice’s lawyers went. Then Greg, Mike Gibbons, and Norm talk about about a variety of topics from how they view older comedians, their gay experiences, going to the comedy roasts, and their children.

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  • Anthony

    I love Norm MacDonald.

    Greg Fitzsimmons is tolerable, I guess.

    • yeah

      fuck you. greg rules.

    • Mark D

      Thank you Anthony, for your valuably insightful critique, we are all incrementally more understanding of the entertainment value of the show. Thanks also to your immediate friends and family who have encouraged you to share your unrequested insights with a world for whom, if without you might never understand exactly what you think. Damn, Thank you so much.

  • Anthony

    nm i suck lol

  • snortymorty

    I like norm, i like greg. Anthony is decent, I guess. I guess I guessI guessI guessI guessI guessI guessI guessI guess

  • ostrichheaven

    Great episode. My only complaint is that everyone seems to be have wildly different mic volumes.

    • Cioffi

      Apologies for that. We tried our best to level everyone out, but they were sharing two mics amongst four people, hence the different levels.

      • ostrichheaven

        Ah, that makes sense. Anyway, the content more than made up for it.

  • Mike Cioffis Big Cock

    Great Shuuuueeee……….Mark McGrath needs to open up a bit though ZZZZZZ.

  • Moody

    Always love it when Mike Gibbons stops by, even though he’s never fully mastered the concept of the microphone. Greg, you rule. Norm, you’re a master.Great podcast guys!

  • zachary

    For better or worse, I listen to podcasts all day long – NPR, Carolla, etc. This was fucking brilliant. Seriously, this was a smart, entertaining, and I didn’t want it it end (as lame as that sounds). Thank you Greg, I would pay for this.

  • That COULD have been the greatest podcast in history, if someone would have mic’d Mark McGrath. What the hell happened? Did you tear off his mic when Norm walked in? Is there not two microphones?

    Once Norm walked in, McGrath was just dumped. Now, we all know Norm is funny, but you owe Mark a show, and an apology. What would you mother have done if you were a kid and you invited Mark over and then spent you whole day playing with your other friend Norm?

    Man, get another mic and bring them both back. That could have been so brilliant, but it was chaos and bad audio. Get the hangers on out, and hand Gibbons mic over to McGrath. That is how close you were to great radio.

    • Cioffi

      You can only produce what you expect. When you go two hours longer because it’s awesome, have extra bodies, and lose the access to the mixing board, some corners have to be cut.

      • just get more mics, pretty please. Love listening to Gibbons. He always has something interesting to say. But, you shouldn’t have to pass mics around.