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Greg starts of this episode by talking about podcasting, and Labor Day parties adn antics. He also gives an update about what he’s been up to lately, and what he’s got going on in the coming months, as well as a bad restaurant experience. He also talks about 9-11 a bit as well. Greg then gets to fan favorites Malebag and Overheards, as well as a brand new segment Greg likes to call “How I Listen”.

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  • Matt

    IHOP isnt THAT bad..but I was drunk. Another great podcast- wish there were more per week and more with Mike Gibbons! The show is just as good w/ no guests, maybe better!

  • Greg good episode. I think I will check out breaking bad on your recommendation. Can you please create more situations for Choffe to talk away from the mic so you can yell at him. It’s my favorite part of the show.

    • Cioffi

      I think you’ve got me confused with Gibbons


  • Mike Cioffi’s Huge Cock

    Another great episode— but Greg, we get it…MALE bag. 99th time I’ve heard you say this.

  • Matt M.

    Fantastic episode! Man, the overheard’s really got me in hysterics this time. High Asian man in park was good, but the one that really made me almost drive off the road was the middle aged guy in Wal-Mart yelling at his Mom on the phone about the yarn! I visualize that and it just keeps me laughing. Thanks Fitz!