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  • Patricia Murphy

    I listen to your podcast when I am walking my dog or working out. But the last two weeks I listened to you while I was watching my boyfriend fly fish on the Carbon River, near Mt. Rainier in Washington State. The weather was perfect, blue sky and the sound of the river!

  • Derek Rowe

    Im a postal worker. The only black one in a post office in Kentucky of all places. I listen to you or Adam Corolla,(though I like your show better even with the shitty mic problems), while Im casing the mail to tune out all the Obama bashing from the other carriers so I dont subliminally feel like everyone else there is racist. But lets face it. Those honkeys hated O-Beezy long before he took oath. Anyways I listen to you and then when I actually head to the streets, which is way out in the country usually, I listen to a pirated broadcast of Howard stern, since my routes are usually 3 to 4 hours long which is just about how long Howards show is. If I dont have any Sterns to listen to, Ill load up on older legal downloads of you or Carolla I may have missed. BTW, can you recommend any other excellent pod-casts? Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes sucks balls and Joe Rogan is good in only in small doses. I need more witty crackers in my life for when Howards on another 2 week vacation from working 3 days a week. Also if I win I dont need the free audio book. I know how to get it free already. Let someone else who doesnt know how pirate stuff from the internet win.

  • As a 51 year old owner of a personal training company outside of Boston I listen to your podcast while I run distance or hill sprints near my office. I run them so I can eat pastries from Bova’s in the North End. The hard (hahd) part is trying not to bust a gut while running a hill when you say something outrageous that I can repeat to my wife so she can bust a gut! Thank you and keep busting my gut. You are wicked pissa!

  • brett lang

    i’m a farmer from canada and i listen to your podcast when i am working out in the field on an implement without sirus radio.

  • Ken Sacco

    Great show(most of the time)-I listen at work 🙂