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Record scratch. Typewriter sounds. These things that have become obsolete but are still being used in today’s vernacular, confusing little kids countrywide.
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  • Paul Thoma

    People say “answering machine” when they mean voicemail. Also, people say they are going to “tape” something when they use their DVR. People still call albums “records”.

  • Luke Martone from DC

    Hello – When you want someone to give you a call but you only have a second or you are across a crowded bar, you put your hand up to the side of your face with your thumb and pinky extended and mouth the words “call me.” This hand gesture looks nothing like my iphone or even a modern landline phone. I assume the gesture is to represent the “older” types of phones that had the big circular ends with the microphone and speaker.

  • ChiliConCarne

    The phrase “Tune in”. Nobody tunes in to anything anymore. When was the last time you “tuned” your radio or television. Most younger people wouldn’t know what a tuner is if you asked them.

  • Brian Doherty

    Dial tones on phones. You hear them often in movies (especially when someone gets hung up on), but hardly anyone uses land lines these days, and they’ll be obsolete soon.

  • dean

    What about when I’m driving and I pull up to a stoplight and look to the left and see Grapefruit Simmons in his Prius. I then honk the horn multiple times and he finally looks in my direction. That’s when I do the “out of time” gesture to roll down his window by making the cranking motion, like his Prius doesn’t have electric windows. After he explains to his kids that the crazy man next to them isn’t jacking off an invisible little person he finally rolls down the window. I then yell ” Fitzdog, love the book! By the way, nice car you L.A. lefty fuck!”

  • The dial up fax sound from a 28.800k modem. the high pitch screech followed by the tinny be-bong sound, then back to stactic. Followed by the “You’ve got mail”. I heard that sound on this luddite’s computer with whom I work and this kid in my office said “what the hell is that?” I soundly mocked my co-worker at that point. Just an FYI for everyone: if you have a address every IT and Tech person you encounter is quietly mocking you.

    Also, that weird plastic thing in the middle of your wallet that used to hold pictures and shit. “let me show you a picture” used to mean “let me pull out my wallet and show you”. Now it means “Let me get my iPhone and show you”. I just found a bunch of them in a old box. I guess I thought I would need them at some point in the future. Are there meds for hoarding disorders?

    BTW…you did inspire to look into getting meds and it has changed my life. Your encouragement was a tipping point for me. I’m a better father, husband, and co-worker for it. I rarely drink now. I had the same Irish genes that demanded I regulate my moods with drinking. And the same Irish family that shit on the idea, felt threatened by it, and eventually convince themselves that my therapist would pin all the blame on them.

  • Emmaline

    The chalk outline of a body at a crime scene. I’m pretty sure they have never actually done that but it is still an Iconic ‘crime scene’ appearance.

  • Mike

    When we’re coming uncomfortably close to the end of a close-fought contest we proclaim that it is “down to the wire”. What’s that wire? Well, it was a wire that was used to determine the winner of a horse race before the days of high-speed cameras. It still made a little sense in the early days of the ‘photo-finish’ because that photo had to be first developed, then sent down from the developer — perched up above the grandstands — along a wire to the judges.

    Put that to your wire and down it.