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Greg and Executive Producer on The Simpsons, Sam Simon, discuss the burdens of having so many Emmys and how they can dispose of them. Mike Gibbons joins in on a conversation about whether or not Eddie Murphy is a good choice as the host of the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards. Then there’s a Talk Your Way Out of It, some Overheards and How I Listen entry discussion.


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  • Andy

    You guys are nuts! The norm sports show was UNWATCHABLE! I’m sorry, I’m a huge Norm fan but that was downright bad. I really tried, I watched every episode hoping that one would be good. Not the case… The jokes wer NOT funny, his delivery even sounded like he didn’t believe in the jokes. For you all to say the jokes were good, you have to be on shrooms!
    I like my sports, and I love Norm one of my top 10 comics… So I figured how could this show miss!! But the jokes were just bad and fell flat almost everytime. I know Mike worked on it so you don’t want to bad mouth it too much. But the writing killed that show! All writing on that one, BAD JOKES!
    Love the podcast, keep them more regular..
    Thank you!

  • Brian

    I loved The Sports Show. Remember when he sunk the no look basket and he was like “Bet you didn’t see that coming, God!” There were lulls but that’s what you get with Norm and it’s actually part of his humor. Bombing with confidence is funny if you like the guy doing it. Norm rules.

  • C-los

    Let people talk…. Greg. Your starting to get so politically correct. And keep your 911 emotions to yourself. Its gay. Your show is so good, don’t let it go bad.

  • Tyrone De La Washington

    Why not have Kevin Meaney on the show? THAT would be a great “Talk Your Way Out Of It”.

    “Honey, it’s the strangest thing. I was sleep-walking while dreaming I was at Pink’s.”