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Greg starts off this podcast by mentioning the Emmys, and talking about his past weekend of working and travelling. He then starts up the interview with World Champion Judah Friedlander, from 30 Rock. They talk about American Splendor, what being a nerd really means, tell stories about the worst managers ever, and explain how crappy some publishers can be. Greg also plays fan favorite games Overheard, Malebag, How I Listen, and Obsolete.

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  • Renly


    For all of your complaining regarding your distaste for irony-based comedy, you do realize that the bit that you do about repeatedly stating that the “Mail Bag” is actually spelled “Male Bag” is entirely based on irony, don’t you? By taking something that is inherently hackneyed and unfunny, and drawing undue attention to it over and over again, you are attempting to make it funny. That’s irony, my friend.

  • Puddy Mo

    Last week’s Male Bag, I think, consisted entirely of entries from women. Douchebag.

  • B

    Having my carpets cleaned in my condo right now. Thank god I can drown out the machine with the sound of this podcast. That’s one of the great things about radio on demand. Where and when I want to be saved by sound.