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Greg talks about his time in Pittsburgh, and how he’s spent his free time out there. Greg’s street team isn’t as creepy as he thought it could be, and he passes on a photo op with a strange fan. Greg starts working on his bucket list. He then interviews the opening act and MC, and even interviews the fiance of the MC.

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  • Steve ball

    This was the most depressing episode of Fitzdog Radio I’ve heard yet. What’s the deal with Pittsburgh comedians?

  • Rick

    Hey Greg, I achieved one of your bucket list selections. Actually helped my uncle sand bag his home during a flood. The national guard came and dropped off sand bags and a large flood light. We built a chain of people around the house and handed down bags. One jerky guy I never met made a scene by stopping because he said I was gonna have a heart attack because I was laboring too much. 20+ people, some of which were my family all stared at my really embarrassed pisser.