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Greg has rock music critic and tv writer David Wild in for today’s podcast. Greg talks to David about the idea of doing two separate podcasts, one on music, and another on tv writing. David starts off with a great story about honesty in Hollywood and a surprising response from a big shot executive regarding a deal that went all pear shaped. They talk more about the industry, and great music.

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  • Rose W

    Greg’s Song List . . .

    That’s Just the Way It Is: Phil Collins
    Scenes From an Italian Restaurant: Billy Joel
    Blowin’ In the Wind: Bob Dylan
    When I Fall in Love: Nat King Cole
    Cautious Man: Bruce Springsteen
    and finally. . .
    Danny Boy: Harry Connick Jr. (from the movie Memphis Belle)

  • Mike Cioffi’s Massive Hamster

    Nice interview. David Wild, although a little verbose, was interesting. 2 podcasts though?? Ehhh… A few times during the the Podcast though, there was a chime and then a female voice that said ” Error. Restarting playback”…weird right??

  • Greg’s Ritalin Patch

    Didn’t Greg say that the albums that David recommended would be on the website?