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Dear Mrs. Fitzsimmons is my life, told through a cavalcade of disciplinary letters, incident reports, and newspaper clippings that my parents received from teachers and school officials. I pick up where my parents left off with my own collection of letters received during college and throughout my career as a writer, producer, and stand-up comic. Dear Mrs. Fitzsimmons comes full circle to show that the Fitzsimmons torch has been passed on proudly to a new generation.

Special readings in the audiobook by:

Zach Galiafinakis—–Natalie Maines—–Adam Carolla—–Pete Yorn—–Andy Dick—–Brian Posehn—–Bob Saget—–AND MORE!

If you pre-order the Dear Mrs. Fitzsimmons Audiobook you will receive The Best of Fitzdog Radio MP3 absolutely free!

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