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As promised, here is the list of Greg’s Top Ten Funniest/Most Influential Comedy Albums!

“Wild and Crazy Guy”

Steve Martin

“The 2,000 Year Old Man”

Mel Brooks & Carl Reiner

“Button Down Mind of Bob Newhart”

Bob Newhart

“Is it something I said?”

Richard Pryor

“Class Clown”

George Carlin

“Rant in E Minor”

Bill Hicks

“Standup Comic”

Woody Allen

“Bill Cosby: Himself”

Bill Cosby

“Mitch all together”

Mitch Hedberg

“Skanks for the memories”

Dave Attell

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  • other Greg

    Wahhaat???!! How could you leave off….

    Oh, wait. It’s there.

    • Dan Myers

      Greg’s pics include some of my absolute favorites, but I wanted to draw up an alternate list. Here goes:
      10) “Eddie Murphy: Comedian” – Eddie Murphy
      9) “I Have a Pony” – Steven Wright
      8) “The Steve Martin Brothers” – Steve Martin (side 1 only)
      7) “The Day the Laughter Died” – Andrew ‘Dice’ Clay
      6) “You Gotta Wash Your Ass” – Redd Foxx
      5) “I Started Out As A Child” – Bill Cosby
      4) “Sleeping Beauty” – Cheech & Chong
      3) “Contractual Obligation Album” – Monty Python
      2) “Medium Energy” – Todd Barry
      1) “A Place For My Stuff” – George Carlin

  • Phil

    great list , I would add Maria Bamford’s “Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome” . What do you think of her?

  • ian

    great list… i’d probably add in Louis CK’s “Chewed Up” in there somewhere… and it’s definitely not your style but I can probably recite most of Seinfeld’s “I’m Telling You For the Last Time” by heart. honorary mention?