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The Speed Channel’s new game show “Pumped!”, Hosted by Greg Fitzsimmons debuts Thursday, November 17th 9PM/PST!

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  • Hey!! This is great, are there any previews, or an early 5 minute clip to hold us over til thurs?

  • Dean Stoner

    I was watching this new show Pumped and Mario Andretti was the correct answer to “Who is the only driver not to have won the Indianapolis 500 four times” The three gentlemen answered Rick Mears and you said they were wrong and that AJ Foyt was the correct answer. Well, AJ Foyt won in 1961,64,67, and 77. Mario only won once in 1969.

  • Dean Stoner

    I have another issue about your question about your “which car maker has won the Indianapolis 500?” The guy answered Chevrolet which is not incorrect but Ford has also won the Indianapolis 500.

  • fred

    like the show but you had a question about rickey rudd was a owner driver to win a race now i now jeff gordon doesnt own his own car but he does own jimmy johnson’s car and jimmy has won as has jeff so jeff would actually be the next owner driver to win a race i do understand that the question meant as in own his own car but didnt not state that