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Greg, Mike Gibbons and guest Kevin Nealon talk about Jury Duty, tiny colon cameras, Franklin & Bash and therapy. Then Kevin gives his advice on where to get a tattoo and why.

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CHO-se Me! Submission

Oh Margaret Cho,

how I love thee.

I tried to meet you,

but you ignored me.

We need to talk Margaret.

All I think about is you.

When I make a decision,

I say; “what would Margaret do?”

You strut like a peacock,

you fill me with glee.

Like Jerry McGuire,

“You complete me”.

I once tried to meet you,

but was wrestled to the floor.

Your staff formed a “safe shield”,

and rushed you out the door.

The cops tried to choke me.

I lost air to my lungs.

I was wrestled to the ground,

and bit a hole in my tongue.

Now my bruises are healing.

Fresh bandages on my head.

My mom tacked your head-shots

around my Hospital bed.

We’ll always be together,

and that’s without a doubt.

Why the police call me “Stalker”,

I’ll never figure out.

Don’t worry Margaret,

I’ll never let you go.

You’re my little Korean Princess

from San Francisco.

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