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Guest Bob Saget asks Greg about his butt and what he lets in there. Then, they discuss standup, do some overheards and try and see who can out-gross who with butt talk.

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  • Mark

    Greg – Thanks for all the free content. Loving to podcast!

  • Mark

    the, not to. doh!

  • ian

    wow… that was one of the most tense, interesting Fitdogs i’ve heard. Bob really seemed to be getting under Greg’s skin and Fitz tried a few different strategies to counteract Bob’s schtick. sounded like you nearly lost your cool there a few times Greg. fun listen, you should piss guests off more often!

  • Matt

    hilarious!! I love when Greg and Bob get together.

  • Tim

    I’m a fan of both Fitz and Sagat, so I was really looking forward to this episode. Unfortunately, Sagat really just comes across as a dick who is refusing to submit to the process of being on the show. If you don’t want to do the show, then don’t do it. Once you’ve agreed to do it, however, play along.

  • Noone

    “Jesus you’re a ManGrate”

    I read Tim’s comment while I was downloading, but I have to disagree.. I really liked the episode.

    I think Greg should know that people really appreciate the content he puts out for free. Personally, when I get a job I plan on buying a metric f-ton of comedy albums from all of the comedians I enjoy, and Greg is at the top of the list… Seriously, listening to this episode made my night enjoyable, thanks.