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Keegan Michael Key talks with Greg about his new show Key & Peele, his background in the improv world and Greg’s brush with Judd Apatow on twitter. Greg announces the winners of the Romantic Overheards Contest sponsored by Shari’s Berries and then they play Are You Smarter Than a Half Black Man and Talk Your Way Out of It.

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  • Fin

    One of the best shows… Key and Fitzy have comedy chops.

  • reb


  • key and fitz never heard of section 8 — SSI for children —— AFDC ———tax rebates ? for persons who pay no taxes ——– sick minded libs——- began working as a welfare case worker in San Francisco in 1974 So the mystery of the decline of the black family structure is not slavery but sick-minded white guilt. Many welfare families have vast reservoirs of illegal income to supplement their grift and illegal aliens are the next in line for hoodwinking left wing morons and milking or working the system.